Note To Alyson Hannigan  

This website was established for you way back when you were much much younger and a rising star on Buffy The vampire Slayer.

It was set up as a fan site with thousands of fans building their own sites as sub domains of But over time, fans got older, had no time to manage their sites, started their own families and moved on...

Consequently, the website became inactive. However, we have continued to maintain the domain in the event that you (Alyson Hannigan) actually wanted it.

If we release the domain, it will no doubt get purchased by unscrupulous companies trying to extort money for celebrity domains or worse, put porn on it, in your name.

So we will continue to protect this domain that rightfully belongs to you and will only release it to you directly or with your permission.

We sincerely hope the domain can help you in some capacity and please understand, it is here waiting for you if you want it.

Your #1 Fan Mr Dog Poop
(below is one of my videos, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we have all enjoyed watching you over the years)