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Aylee Germany
Hey. Aly rocks.. man i used to be obsessed but she'll always be awesome to me. just waatched date movie.. how do u do it aly it was awesome.. another great one! xxx

kaci marie
gosh ! havnt been on here in ages .. it was closed the last time i visited, so glad it has reopened !

kelly england
i love alyson hannigan i think she is the best acterss in the world. any one agree?

Tara Washington
Hi Alyson. I love you on how I met your mother. Hope to see much more of you in the years to come. You were a big inspiration to me through highschool as I struggles with being a nerdy girl. Keep up the good work girl.

Gina Baltimore MD
I love your show and I am glad to see your number one fan site back in swing. I hope you open a posting board again or maybe some chatrooms so we can post like the old days.

Sergey Latvia
Aly I am a big maybe biggest fan of you and I just wanted to tell you that for myself.

Tina Coral Gables Florida
I an just now seeing the Buffy episodes for the first time. I was too young to watch them when they were new, but I am loving the theme and Alison rocks as willow! The show is timeless and will live on forever.

Tommy2995 Home in Texas
Kisses Aly. I would ove to have a signed photo of you on my wall. Can you have a way on your website to ask for one?

Toby Calagrey Texas
hi alyson hannigan im toby smith and i loved the date movie and buffy the vampire slayer. when i grow up im going to be a janitor for you!

Anna Cleveland Ohio
omg !!!!!!
aly, are you there ???????
this is sooooo cool!!!!!
i am so excited i don't know what to say.
well there is one thing, I LUV your
work you are one of the people i like.
i wish i could give you my e-mail but i can't because other people would take and use it.
so if you can please please wrile a little even if it's "hi anna"
it would mean the world to me !!!!!

Aly H. L.A
i don't think your crazy.
well, i was sitting at home one day and a commercial came on for a hilary duff website.
i figured if that dork had a site,
maybe i did too.

Ben Peeters Belgium
Hey Alyson
Are you that?
It's really cool you're here!!
Would you send me a message please?

Willow OHIO
hey, Aly? i was just wonderin, what made you decide to check this place out? i mean, you've got to be busy to the max, with HIMYM and all. so, what drew you to this site inperticular? i'm glad you did though.

kerry England
Alyson, if your reading this then i'll feel a plonker but i just wanted to say hello and good work !

jay and silent bob new jersey
yo little chick where do you talk to that alyson chick?

Anna Cleveland Ohio
hey jimmy, are ya there ?
oh yeah if i am a little girl, how much older are you than me ????

Anna Cleveland Ohio
Hey, thanks Willow .
and also do you also like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or am i the only idiot who comes on here for the right reasons , not to critisize.

jimmy, how can you see me in the future if all you have is my e'mail and cell number? you said you can't even e'mail me.

why? you said that yester too. so, is it true this time?

this will be my last post on this site bye hope i see you in the future :wink:

sorry willow but im done coming on this site and this will be my last time and last post bye i hope i see you in yhe future

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